An Exhortation 2.1

The following is the continuation of the Exhortation to the Reading and Knowledge of Holy Scripture, the first part of which was preached on Sunday, October 25.  I have updated the language slightly in the interest of clarity.  This is a short installation today, but a necessary point is made.

“If we claim to be Christ’s followers, why wouldn’t we know the faith that He has given us, considering that all of us would be ashamed to be ignorant in our own areas.  A person would be ashamed to be called a philosopher if he did not keep up in the study of philosophy; or to be called a lawyer, astronomer, or physician, if not attending to advances in law, astronomy, and medicine.  How can anyone say that they are Christ’s followers if they will not apply – as far as possible – to read and hear, and so to know, the books of Christ’s Gospel and faith?  Although other sciences are good and learned, yet we generally acknowledge that the faith of Christ is incomparable.  What excuse shall we make the day of judgment, if we have preferred to read and hear and know the fantasies of other humans rather than His Word? or, that we make no time to do that which we know we should do? or, that we would leave off from learning Him in order to learn all those things which we should leave off from learning in order to learn Him?  Let us (all who claim to be Christ’s followers, all who have faith and trust in Him), therefore, apply ourselves – as far as we are able – to know God’s Word by diligent hearing and reading of it.”

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