The Plan and the Prep.–Jeremiah 1:4-10

Read through Jeremiah 1:4-10, and think on the words of Scripture.  We are reading what we might otherwise consider something quite private – it’s a conversation between God and Jeremiah.  When was last time you asked someone to listen in on your personal prayer time?  And yet, here it is in Scripture for us to read.

While the words and the occasion and the circumstance are all particular, we still see in this passage something that is very significant and relevant for our own lives.  Though the words concern Jeremiah, and the call of God concerns Jeremiah, and the equipping that God gives for the carrying out of that call concerns Jeremiah, yet there is something here for us.  The passage reveals God to us.  God has plans.  Time is not cyclical, but linear.  We are moving toward something – God has purposes that are being worked out in the build-up to the realization of that.

It means that each one of us has a place, a part in God’s plan.  It means that God has been preparing us to fulfill His plan from our mothers’ wombs, as He did Jeremiah.  It means that our lives don’t just have purpose (though it certainly means that, even for those whose parents refer to them as an ‘oops!’ – for there are no mistakes in God’s economy, in God’s plan); our lives don’t just have purpose, but we have each been equipped for the fulfillment of God’s purpose for us.  He has provided all that is needed for the carrying out of His will.  He has prepared His people for the realization of His plan.

God’s Word to and through Jeremiah gives us pause.  Pause to draw comfort from the knowledge that God has a plan for each one of us, a plan that is a part of His great plan for the restoration of all Creation.  Pause, too, to consider what God has called and equipped each of us for.  What is God calling you to, where is He leading you, today?  How has He equipped you to carry out His purpose for you?

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