On Faithfulness to the Faithful One–Psalm 71:1-6

Where do you put your trust, or place your security?  The Psalmist (Psalm 71:1-6), for this coming Sunday, hopes and trusts in God.  He says that in doing so he is not misplacing his loyalties, because God is dependable.  Consistently.  God’s character is steadfast – as He has been, so He will be.  His faithfulness to His people in the past is witness that He is faithful to His people in the present.

We might be justified in speculating that the Psalmist was seeing difficult times – whether by circumstance or through the agency of enemies.  We have certainly all seen such times in our own lives, and whether the perceived threats were really that (threats) or just seen to be (at the time) makes no difference for the difficulties that such times present.  The Psalmist’s attitude in the face of such a time is a challenging one: he presents an attitude of trust; he relies on God.  Through the words of the psalm he expresses himself and his view: God is the rock we can lean upon, the foundation we can build upon, whatever times befall us.

Like the psalmist, we might each take some time to consider God’s faithfulness.  He has surely been faithful to us in the past.  Think of some specific ways He has been faithful to you; to those you know; to those you’ve read of.  Weighing His faithfulness to His people in the past, consider how likely He is to be faithful to us in present circumstances.

Ponder, then, your own trust in Jesus – the faithful One.

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