Building on a Firm Foundation, Monday Evening

I hope you’ve been able to start praying and reflecting on the Lord’s Prayer each morning and evening throughout the Easter season.  If you have yet to do so, the meditation booklet can be found on the Downloads page of this website, or just use this link.  As mentioned on Sunday, Pastor Greg Kiel had joined us at our Easter Vigil on Saturday, March 26, and he took this resource with him for distribution to a number of our brothers and sisters at St. Olaf Lutheran Church.

There is a great strength in being a part of a community of people who, though dispersed, are joining one another in the same prayers.

So here is just a brief reflection for this evening.

The Gospel passage that is used in the Reflection is taken from Matthew 22:22, and Mark 12:26.  The point Jesus is making, in the context of the discussion going on, is that a great many theological fallacies can easily be fallen into when we hold to mistaken ideas and preconceptions.  The Sadducees, with whom Jesus was speaking, did not believe in resurrection, but simply that the dead were dead.  But God is doing a new thing in Jesus.  our reflection this evening should relate to how this truth highlights God’s holiness (Hallowed be your name on earth as in heaven).

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