The Apostles Creed, 1

In future weeks I will try to get a summary like this up each Sunday afternoon, following worship.  This week, here it is now!

The three points discussed and illustrated yesterday, concerning the statement of Christian faith that we recite at baptism and the daily prayer offices (commonly called the Apostles Creed) are as follows.  Note that the part of the Creed discussed yesterday was this simple text: “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth…”

1. When we declare the Creed, we are making an oath of allegiance (read: of trustful commitment and reliance) to the Christian God, whose Name is Father, Son and Holy Spirit (which Name Christ commanded us to baptize new disciples into).

2. When we declare the Creed, we declare God as the sovereign over all things – including our own lives – a declaration that demands a response, ie. that we move to align ourselves into that relationship of trustful reliance on God.

3. When we declare the Creed, we declare that God is our Creator, which means that God is the Author of our purpose and destiny (not we) – which means that the egoism and narcissistic individualism of our age has no place in the hearts of Christians.

May God grant us grace to live into the realities that baptism has wrought in our lives.

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