Building on a Firm Foundation, Wednesday Evening Revisited

“Your will be done on earth as in heaven.”

The second stanza in our Gospel Reflection for this evening is drawn from Matthew 5:38-42.  Possession is challenged.  Possessiveness is challenged.  Jesus continues to turn our thoughts of entitlement on their head.  Indeed, He would have us offer ourselves for others – and offer what is “ours” for others.  We consider the resources at our fingertips to be our own possession, but the Bible is clear that what God blesses people with is still His; what God blesses people with is for them to act as stewards of.  Not every blessing that the Lord gives us each is for our own consumption.  Some is entrusted to us, stewards, for us to show our faithfulness by giving it to others for their use.

This evening, our reflection might revolve around God’s will being done with the resources that He has entrusted to us each.

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