Building on a Firm Foundation, Thursday Morning Revisited

“Give us today our daily bread.”

The second stanza of the Epistle Reflection this morning is derived from 2 Corinthians 9:13.  As last week, St. Paul is in the midst of encouraging readiness in the Corinthians – readiness with regards to a special collection that he is taking up for other Christians.  Of particular note is the gratitude to God that our generosity should produce in those we help.  How often we expect gratitude to be given to us, who are intermediaries of God’s generous gift to others – He the Source!

This morning, we might reflect on God’s provision for us and for others – at times, using us to provide for others, rather than directly supplying their need; at times, using others to provide for us, rather than directly supplying our need.  We remember that we are not to ask for thirty years’ bread, but for daily bread.  The Orthodox tradition cautions us that if we seek greater wealth “for the sake of having more to give to others,” this is itself a form of pride – to be avoided!  And so we pray: Our Father, give us today our daily bread.

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